Upholstery service with fine furnishing fabrics

The upholstery service carried out by Seterie di Zoagli is designed to give a new life to your furniture, whether it is antique or modern. The company, which specialises in the manufacture and sale of fine fabrics for furniture and clothing, thus allows you to upholster sofas, armchairs, chairs and benches. Whether it is an outdated piece of furniture, which is particularly worn or discoloured, with the upholstery service it is possible to transform it into a renewed furniture item.

With the aid of expert master craftsmen, Seterie di Zoagli allows you to upholster any seat to recreate a cosy, tidy and well-finished environment. The service includes collection and home delivery, and is dedicated to anyone who wants to restore the fabric of their furniture in the same style or to modernise it.


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