Tailor-made wedding dresses



So that your wedding day can be truly unique and special, Seterie di Zoagli crafts bespoke wedding dresses, creating completely original and inimitable pieces. Indeed, during the wedding season, you often see the same dress worn by several brides: this is the disadvantage of designer and mass-produced models that, while providing dresses with an attractive design, unfortunately use standardised shapes without taking into account the physicality and tastes of each individual bride.

By turning to Seterie di Zoagli, you can get the custom-made wedding dress of your dreams, able to reflect your every desire. In the tailoring section, you will have a team of expert assistants at your disposal to provide you with image advice designed specifically for your figure, allowing you to design a wedding dress capable of enhancing your silhouette.

In addition to having access to a wide selection offine fabrics, also made by Seterie di Zoagli, you can then choose from many wedding dress designs to be created made-to-measure, including:

  • redingote
  • with “A” line
  • princess
  • empire style
  • mermaid
  • semi-mermaid
  • fluid
  • asymmetric
  • transformable
  • short

Tailored wedding dresses

Among the fabrics for women’s clothing by Seterie di Zoagli, there is no shortage of fabrics to make beautiful tailored wedding dresses. Starting from personal taste, style, season and the theme of the ceremony, the staff is able to provide valuable advice for choosing the most suitable fabrics for each bride. From the thicker ones, to define the figure with elegance, to the softer and more romantic ones: each fabric is made of pure silk, procuring an incredible finesse to any type of dress.

The selection of fabrics for wedding dresses is very rich and varied, as well as the infinite possibilities they offer for the tailoring of a bespoke dress:

  • duchesse
  • radzmir
  • triple organza
  • mikado
  • tulle
  • voile mariage

In addition to the sale of fabrics, Seterie di Zoagli also creates wonderful bespoke wedding dresses. Indeed, with its internal tailoring service, it is able to fulfil your every desire to offer you a completely personalised service The staff is at your complete disposal to show you all the fabrics and advise you in choosing the most suitable one to enhance your silhouette without the slightest flaw.


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