Furnishing fabrics

As you will realise, mass production tends to eliminate originality. In the case of furniture, it is very easy to recognise the most commercial coverings and feel as though your interior has been seen a thousand times before. Seterie di Zoagli helps you express your personality in this area too, offering you a wide range of furnishing fabrics of all types. In this way you can customise each room to your liking, giving a truly original touch that will make your home even more welcoming. From the choice of fabric to its tailor-made crafting, you will enjoy a personalised service for tablecloths and bedspreads, sofas and armchairs,curtains and much more, according to your specific needs

It is not necessary to be an interior designer: if you do not know how to enhance your interiors,the staff at Seterie Zoagli will be able to offer experience and advice in choosing the best furnishing fabrics. This service is aimed at those who are looking for quality and excellence, both in terms of the yarns and their processing. Each fabric offered responds flexibly to customer requests, offering the best quality at the right price, all the way up to more refined and elegant items. For bigger projects, the Seterie will be at your disposal to make fabrics at a special rate.


Seterie di Zoagli features a wide array of fabrics made of natural fibres and special technical yarns, colours and combinations:

  • fine silks
  • printed fabrics
  • velvet
  • damasks
  • Jacquard
  • Cotton

  • Linen

  • Viscose


Depending on the fabric, different heights are available

  • 140 cm
  • 280 cm
  • 320 cm


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