Personalised business gifts

If you are looking for original ideas for quality corporate gifts, Seterie by Zoagli will cater to your every need. The prestige of tailored fabrics increasingly attracts the interest of companies, including international ones, who want to create customised corporate gifts. Precious gifts are made for every occasion, creating unique and original pieces with the inimitable charm of our own fabrics.

The tailoring section of Seterie di Zoagli produces scarves, ties and scarves featuring your company logo with extreme sophistication. The company’s designers are also able to make the most of your brand’s potential, introducing it into the fabric in a creative and modern way. This process involves the creation of truly exclusive and unparalleled pieces, giving rise to a bona fide design capable of fully expressing the essence of your business. The company gifts customised by Seterie di Zoagli are truly original, able to win over anyone who receives them precisely for the value of their fine workmanship.


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