Handmade leather and silk velvet bags

The purpose of an accessory is to complete your outfit in an original and distinctive way. With the handmade leather and silk velvet bags from Seterie di Zoagli, you can add a completely customised touch to your every look. Since they are all handmade, each bag is a unique piece, just like your style. From practical shoppers to use every day to the most elegant clutches for ceremonies and important events, but also bucket bags and handbags, each accompanied by a shoulder strap and gold or silver metal fittings.

The handmade bags by Seterie Zoagli represent the maximum expression of Made in Italy. Indeed, they are made from genuine leather processed in the best Tuscan tanneries of Santa Croce and from the prestigious Cordani silk velvet, one of the last handmade wefts still active all over the world.

The exclusivity of the handmade leather and silk velvet bags lies in their uniqueness. This characteristic makes them real works of art, as well as part of the heritage of themost sought-after Made in Italy craftsmanship


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